Front Door Companies in Westhoughton

Front Door Companies in WesthoughtonWe at A and D Joinery are master craftsmen and we represent one of the finest front door companies in Westhoughton. Front doors have important jobs. They have to look good, seal out the elements, keep out the bad guys and be maintenance free.  Have you inspected your front door lately? Perhaps you should. Call us at A and D Joinery and let us show you Rock Doors; the only door we install. You will be inspired by the huge range of glass designs perfect for one of our 13 colour selections for 25 different styles. We think you will find one to come home to every night for the next 30 years. Especially since it’s low maintenance.

The Rock doors we install at A and D Joinery are always custom fitted to seal tight and hang straight. In Westhoughton, front door companies create an expectation of safety being a door with a lock and key. The reason A and D Joinery choose Rock Doors for our customers is because they exceed the expectations. The door itself is manufactured to be strong. Nobody will kick this door in. As the door is laminated the locks and window glass is installed between layers and laminated in so it’s all one formidable unit. There is a steel keep that runs the length of the doors outer frame. Solid brass hook locks slide into the keep and the only way anybody can open the lock is with a key. Imagine; you could have a burglar proof front door.

Rock Doors, front door companies in Westhoughton is an example of our commitment to high quality materials and workmanship at A and D Joinery. We have been established since 1987, building a reputation that has placed us at the forefront of our industry. When we recommend a product like Rock Doors, it’s because we’ve seen them all and found the best. Contact A and D Joinery and have a look at new front doors that will give your house a facelift and keep your family safe. Remember, we custom fit your door to your homes opening for a perfect fit.

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