Double Glazing Companies in Leigh

Double Glazing Companies in LeighDo you know how to choose from double glazing companies in Leigh when it’s time for new windows? You would probably consider price, experience, reputation and friendliness. We have all that at A and D Joinery. We’ve been in business since 1987 and enjoy our reputation of giving value for money. The most important consideration is the quality and construction of the materials and installation skill.  That’s where we excel. We manufacture our products from PVCu, hardwood and softwood. The window frames are custom made to fit the openings of your building. The materials are strong and sturdy and guaranteed to last. Not all window frames are well made. Many are flimsy and thin and poorly put together. They won’t last.

For clients in Leigh, double glazing companies such as ours use true double glazed windows which is two thick panes of glass with a vacuum or gas between to insulate. The glass itself is Low E to cut glare and block heat loss by reflecting it back into the room. A and D Joinery can manufacture any size and shape of window from octagon to roof windows in your conservatory. We offer any style as well so you can have new windows that will complement the style of your house. Our PVCu double glazed windows are almost maintenance free with a long life expectancy. We install three point window locks to your new windows so your windows offer safety and protection along with good looks.

A and D Joinery, your best choice in double glazing companies in Leigh, offers low pricing and guarantees. But our windows will save you money on energy bills and maintenance. Insulating windows, manufactured to fit, prevents the loss of heat and cooled air. Without drafts, your family will be more comfortable without those cold spots. Contact A and D Joinery and let us come out, measure up your window openings and give you a price. Come into our factory/showroom and see the many styles from which to choose. There are cost saving benefits to window replacement but don’t forget about looks. Your house or commercial building will look great.

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