Double Glazing Companies in Bolton

Double Glazing Companies in BoltonA and D Joinery is a leader of double glazing companies in Bolton and throughout the North West of England. We established our family business in 1987 and we’ve continued to grow and set the standard for customer service, quality materials , professional workmanship and fair pricing. PVcu is a popular choice for windows, doors and conservatories because it’s low maintenance, good looking and durable. But we don’t limit ourselves to one product. Our customers also choose timber products. Our company is a great choice for any project, even roof windows. Those of you refurbishing an old home know the window openings in old houses vary in size. Instead of having “measure twice cut once” as a standard some of those early homebuilders used the “that looks about right” guide to building.

In some cases it was the homeowner himself who constructed the house. In Bolton, some double glazing companies install windows and doors from suppliers and may find themselves in a position of making the windows and door fit the opening. We manufacture ours doors and windows ourselves and install them for a natural uniform finished look. You will be able to retain the character of your old house and still have new insulating double E windows and doors fitted for beauty and security. We use only the finest material and the latest technology for fabricating and installing windows and doors. We guarantee a long lasting and low maintenance product that will make you proud of your home.

Of all double glazing companies in Bolton, we are among the most versatile. If you are having a new home built, we’ll give you a fair price on the windows you choose. This is when you get to set the character of your home which includes door and window choices. Perhaps your home just needs an updated look and energy efficient upgrades. Contact A and D Joinery for the best selection of windows and doors manufactured on our site to your specifications. It will make your home look new again. Any of these homes, refurbished, new or updated would benefit from a conservatory of any size. If you still need more light, we can add sky windows on the roof so you can make use of your attic space.

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