External Doors in Leigh

External Doors in LeighAfter some years of wear and tear you will need new external doors in Leigh. The weather can play havoc with wood, even wood that is varnished or painted. If the door is frequently roasted by the sun and battered by rain, the paint or varnish will develop tiny cracks that allow water to seep in and reach the raw wood. This will provide a sheltered spot for rot, fungi and mould to grow and your door will be gradually destroyed from the inside. Many people are not even aware that their doors have become weak and structurally compromised.

Have you thought about installing PVCu doors?  In Leigh, external doors of modern design can offer the most durable and attractive doors for the front and back of your home. PVCu doors are maintenance free and very strong. We ensure that all our doors are fitted with secure locking mechanisms so that your home is safe and secure. Think about having a window installed in your door as you can then see who is at your door without having to open it. One can never be too careful with home security. If you have ill fitting doors that let in draughts then you need to replace them as your home is losing heat at an alarming rate especially in winter. A well fitted door can save you a lot of money as well as the icy chills up your back.

We are supply some of the sturdiest and affordable external doors in Leigh. Contact A and D Joinery today or visit our showroom to choose your new door. We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying PVCu, softwood and hardwood doors, windows, porches and conservatories. Our highly qualified craftsmen can make any door to suit your home. Our investment in the latest fabrication technology assures you of a high quality product every time. We are experts in double glazing which is essential to maintain warmth in your home and cut down on the energy bills. We help you to add value to your home by providing stunning doors to your house which increases its value as does a conservatory.

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