Window Fitters in Leigh

Window Fitters in LeighAs we’ve been window fitters in Leigh since 1987, we understand that you have choices when selecting a contractor to install new windows. However, we encourage you to call us for a free estimate because we think you’ll be inspired by our products, experience, reputation, workmanship, design ideas and prices. We begin from a position of skilled joiners with a comprehensive understanding of building construction as a whole. That’s important when you want perfectly fitted windows installed into existing openings. Another factor we think you’ll appreciate is our windows are not mass ordered from a window manufacturer. We  manufacture our windows at our site specifically to fit your window openings.

We manufacture and install double glazed windows with frames of wood or the increasingly popular PVcu. For homes in Leigh, window fitters from our team can show you a variety of styles that will enhance the particular architectural style of your home. You want the new windows to look like they were built with the house; only new. You’ll find several style options that will compliment your home. A new design different from the existing windows might be an attractive improvement.  Whichever you choose, our energy saving, low e double glazed windows look great and do the job for which they are designed; keep your home warm, lower your energy bills and prevent intruders. We have a selection of window furnishings that provide peace of mind and security.

As window fitters in Leigh, we also install double glazed windows in doors that are plain, leaded, bevelled, etched, stained glass or anything else you want.  If it’s a conservatory you want, we can build your with double glazed windows that will allow year round use. We guarantee only the finest quality materials are used for all your window fitting projects. We invite you to view our products in our showroom or contact us and we’ll bring our brochures and samples to your home. Affordability is often the largest factor when deciding on new windows. Since we manufacture our own windows we’re cutting out the retailer which saves you money. Our products are better quality which, over time, works out to be the cheaper choice. Combine that durability with the energy savings you’ll enjoy and the bump in your property values and you will see, we’re the better and cheaper choice.

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