Window Fitters in Standish

Window Fitters in StandishA and D Joinery excel as window fitters in Standish because we operate our double glazing business according to long experience and high standards. Since 1987 our family has been committed to the old fashioned standards of personal customer service, fine quality products and fair prices. Our workmanship goes beyond the standard for a job well done. However we embrace and invest heavily in the new technology that gives us stronger, more durable, affordable materials. We still fit wood windows for those who prefer them. We insist on an exact fit and they always look beautiful. However, today most people ask for UPVc because it fits their budget, their lifestyle and also looks beautiful.

To meet the demand for UPVc window frames and still adhere to our standards for quality we manufacture our UPVc windows on site from carefully selected quality materials. In Standish, window fitters A and D Joinery can guarantee our customer satisfaction for durability and functionality. We oversee the whole process from measuring the openings to custom fitting and professional installation. Being all inclusive helps to keep the price down since you don’t pay retail prices for our windows. The double paned insulated glass we use in windows is energy efficient coated LowE glass. The combination of our quality materials results in energy savings without sacrificing warmth.

We at A and D Joinery, window fitters in Standish, are proud of our products and workmanship and our customers love their new double glazed UPVc windows. They are well insulated, will last twenty years or more and require almost no maintenance. We manufacture and install beautiful windows in all styles that will retain their beauty and function. They are an excellent investment in your home for today’s busy lifestyle. Contact A and D Joinery when it’s time to replace your old leaky windows with wavy glass. We will give you the best possible quote at no obligation. It’s one of the best things you can do for your home investment and personal comfort while freeing up the time usually spent on maintenance.

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