Window Fitters in Leigh

Window Fitters in LeighThe majority of people will only need window fitters in Leigh once or twice in their lifetime. Every window installation project varies slightly, there are certain things you can expect from a window fitting service from A & D Joinery. Our installers will be at your home in a timely manner. They will then start by prepping the work area so that it is a safe environment for the team. Some items in the room where the windows are being installed, like furniture and paintings, may be moved to another area. However, there will be no risk of property damage or personal injury. On the outside, we will set up ladders platforms and tarps. On the inside, our installers will lay drop cloths and other protection on the floor to maintain your flooring. We will then commence by removing the storm windows and exterior screens. Next, we will detach the sliding racks and sashes from your windows. If you’re opting for a pocket window, your new windows will be affixed to the frame opening. For a complete frame replacement, the trims on the interiors of your window, the frame and brick mould will be removed. A water management system will be connected to inhibit water damage prior to installing the new windows.  These are a few things that you can expect from our team during your window fitting service.

For homeowners In Leigh, window fitters are available at your convenience. Our installers will work hard to ensure your windows will be fitted correctly. This will not only add more curb appeal to your home, but improve the efficiency of your windows, both in the summer and winter. After we’ve completed the work, we will tidy up and leave your premises the way it was when we found it.

One of the best ways to improve the look and efficacy of your windows is by opting for window fitters in Leigh. Contact A & D Joinery today to take advantage of the best window fitting service. We also specialise in building doors and conservatories.

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